• For TA / TO Application for agents in Bhutan - Click here
  • TV exceeding 50" will be charged THB 2000/$60 for all Drukair flights
  • The carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board Dhaka & Singapore flight is strictly prohibited following the safety circular issued by CAA,Bangladesh and CAAS
  • For Taxi services from Bathpalathang Airport, Bumthang, contact our Bumthang office at 17122693 or reservation office at 03-631739.
  • For Taxi services from Yonphula Domestic Airport, Tashigang, contact 17693557/17750070/17647853/17813396.

Why Drukair ?


Your safety is our highest priority. We have a pool of well qualified in-house engineering team and experienced crews among others to ensure your safety.


With an extensive network, you can choose from multiple connecting options and also book through to your final destination with our numerous partner airlines for a seamless travel experience among other services.


Best on-time performance is a habit we’d inculcated over the years. More so, schedule integrity is our commitment to our passengers that we’d always lived up to.

Your safety is Our highest priority

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

At Drukair, the safety of our travelers and our employees have consistently been set first and today it's more imperative to do so than any other time. With revamped safety standards on board and on the ground, we keep on guaranteeing that our safety and hygiene measures are of the highest standard, with new procedures implemented throughout your excursion.

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