Special Meals

Special Meals

Whether you would like a vegetarian meal or a meal for your little ones, we will do our best to supply your preferred choice.

When can I order my special meal?

  • To make sure we can accommodate your needs, kindly request your meals at least 24 hours before your flight departure.
  • For vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal, you can simply inform your preferred choice at the time of booking your flight. This option is also available for online booking from our website.

Types of special meals available

The below special meals are available if you are flying out of Paro only.

Types of Meal Remark
Vegetarian Vegan Meal
Asian Vegetarian Meal Pure Veg
Child Meal
Fruit Platter
Bhutanese meal (non-veg) Please specify choice of meat and any dietary restriction such as low salt diet, no salt diet, less oil, etc.
Bhutanese meal (veg) Please specify any dietary restrictions such as low salt diet, no salt diet, less oil, etc.

The below meal options are available from Bangkok, Delhi, and Singapore.

Types of Meal Remark
Vegetarian Vegan Meal  
Baby Meal  
Bland Meal  
Child Meal  
Diabetic Meal For customers on a diabetic meal with minimal sugar.
Fruit Platter  
Gluten Intolerant Meal For customers who want a gluten-free diet and cannot consume wheat, bread or any flour-based products.
Hindu Meal Prepared according to the requirements of the Hindu religion.
Low Calorie Meal For customers on a low-calorie diet and will not contain fried or fatty foods.
Low Fat Meal  
Low Lactose Meal For customers who cannot consume dairy products and are lactose-intolerant.
Low Salt Meal  
Asian Vegetarian Meal  
Vegetarian Jain Meal  
Vegetarian Lactose Meal  
Vegetarian Oriental Meal  
Vegetarian Raw Meal  

How can I order my special meal?

You can request your special meal at the time of Booking or via Manage Booking as soon as you have confirmed your booking with us.

Request your special meal

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