Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory

NOTE:  The information is correct to the best of Drukair’s knowledge at the time of publication and is being reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis, given the rapidly evolving government policies of different countries in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. All passengers are requested to make your own independent inquiries before relying on any information or materials contained on this page.

In connection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the following conditions have been put in place by the following countries to where Drukair operates:

  • BANGLADESH - Published on 18.06.2020

    -Scheduled International Commercial Passenger Flights from Bahrain, Bhutan, Hong Kong, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey are suspended to fly into Bangladesh until further notice.

    -Foreign nationals who have a valid visa must produce a medical certificate (with English translation) obtained within 72 hours of travel. The medical certificate must be submitted upon arrival and must indicate that the passenger does not have any symptoms of COVID-19.

    -Passengers with Bangladesh origin but without a medical certificate stating that the passenger does not have any symptoms of COVID-19, will be institutionally quarantined in Dhaka for 14 days.

    -Passengers with Bangladesh origin who submits a medical certificate stating that the passenger does not have any symptoms of COVID-19, will be home quarantined in Dhaka for 14 days. If the medical certificate shows that the passenger has symptoms of COVID-19, they will be institutionally quarantined in Dhaka for 14 days.

    International flights in regard to the following types shall be conducted as usual:

    1. i. Cargo
    2. ii. Emergency Landing
    3. iii. Technical Stop (Without Crew Rest)
    4. iv. Medical Evacuation
    5. v. Special Flight Operation
    6. vi. Relief Flight Operation
    7. vii. Relief/Humanitarian Assistance
    8. viii. Citizen Evacuation

  • INDIA - published 26.06.2020

    -According to the circular by the Director General of Civil Aviation of India, scheduled international commercial passenger flights to or from India remain suspended until 2359 hrs IST of July 15, 2020.

    However, international scheduled flights may be allowed on selected routes by the competent authority on a case to case basis.

  • NEPAL - published 01.07.2020

    -The suspension period on international commercial passenger flights to Nepal have been further extended until 21 July 2020.

    -Special permission from CAAN is required for Rescue Flights, freighter flights, and flights related to the medical and other essential supplies.

  • SINGAPORE - published 20.05.2020

    -Singapore will gradually allow travelers to transit through Changi Airport with effect from 2 June 2020.

    -Currently, foreign passengers may only transit through Singapore if they are on repatriation flights arranged by their governments.

  • THAILAND - published 30.06.2020

    - While the temporary ban on international flights to Thailand will continue, there will be an easing of restrictions for passenger flights under certain conditions from 01 July 2020.

    -Permit for passenger aircraft will be given by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand for flying over, flying into or out of, and taking off or landing at an international airport in the Kingdom only if the passengers or persons on board are one of the following categories:

    1. Thai nationals
    2. Persons with exemption or persons being considered, permitted or invited by the Prime Minister, or the head of responsible persons accountable for resolving state of emergency issues to enter the Kingdom, as necessary. Such consideration, permission or invitation may be subject to specified conditions and time limits.
    3. Non-Thai nationals who are a spouse, parents, or children of a Thai national.
    4. Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid certificate of residence, or permission to take up residence in the Kingdom
    5. Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid work permit or are allowed to work in the Kingdom, including their spouse or children.
    6. Carriers of necessary goods, subject to immediate return after completion.
    7. Crew members who are required to travel into the Kingdom on a mission, and have a specified date and time for return.
    8. Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational institutions approved by Thai authorities, including the parents or guardians of the students.
    9. Non-Thai nationals who are in need of medical treatment in Thailand, and their attendants. However, this shall not include medical treatment for COVID–19.
    10. Individuals in diplomatic missions, consular affairs, international organizations, government representatives, foreign government agencies working in Thailand, or individuals in other international agencies as permitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including their spouse, parents, or children.
    11. Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country.

    - The following aircraft will be allowed to fly over, fly into or out of, and take off from or land at an international airport in the Kingdom when permit is given by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand:

    1. State or military aircraft
    2. Emergency landing flights
    3. Technical landing flights without disembarkation
    4. Humanitarian aid, medical and relief flights
    5. Repatriation flights
    6. Cargo flights