COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

At Drukair, the safety of our travelers and our employees have consistently been set first and today it's more imperative to do so than any other time. With revamped safety standards on board and on the ground, we keep on guaranteeing that our safety and hygiene measures are of the highest standard, with new procedures implemented throughout your excursion.

Each measure executed is an extra decrease in hazard, taken altogether, in making flying as safe as possible. While we will be taking all necessary precautions, it is vital that our passengers traveling with us additionally follow escalated individual safeguards and wellbeing measures to guarantee that we are doing our part in being safe.

Drukair is prepared to invite you back and fly you safe once again.

To take a close look at the safety measures that we have adopted at various levels, here is an overview:

On Ground precautionary measures

At Departure

  • ~ All our staff are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment’s (face shield, mask and gloves) relevant to the nature of their job to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.
  • ~ We encourage all our passengers to check-in online before arriving at the airport. Drukair offers check-in services via our Drukair App or from our website. This will ensure that the time spent at the airport and contact with employees are kept at a minimum.
  • ~ All measures are taken to ensure appropriate physical distancing at the check-in queue and boarding gate.
  • ~ Frequency of wiping down arm rests, seats and backs of wheelchairs has been increased to ensure safety and hygiene.
  • ~ Aircrafts ground handling equipment, such as passenger steps and ramp bus are disinfected at regular intervals, again to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.
  • ~ All passengers and employee touch points are thoroughly sanitized at frequent intervals.
  • ~ To avoid physical contact as much as possible, passenger shall be boarded in small groups, segregated based on their seating arrangement.

On Arrival

  • ~ Drukair shall ensure speedy baggage claim so that our passengers minimize the time they spend at the airport.
  • ~ Drukair shall also ensure assigning as many baggage belts as possible, to allow physical distancing.
  • ~ The staff shall be briefed thoroughly in the event they have to deal with medical emergencies.

Thank You and we assure you that you are safe to Fly Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines.